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There is hardly no other destination more popular for German tourists than Palma de Mallorca! The Spanish Island attracts countless number of Germans each year – countless exciting events and happenings provides the right holiday atmosphere and environment. The island is also attractive for businesses: in addition to the events, Palma de Mallorca also hosts trade fairs such as Expo kids, InteriHOTEL Pop Up Mallorca for the gastronomy and hotel industry, and the Palma International Boat Show. Internationally, Palma de Mallorca holds not only a high status in tourism but is equally important in other economic sectors.Our professional hosts and hostesses based on the Island Mallorca, ensure that events run smoothly and efficiently and are essential for the companies present!

Services of the Hostess Agency Mallorca FAIREVER

Our team of Mallorca hostess are available to provide a wide range of professional services across a variety of events offerings and are there to ensure your event runs effectively and successfully . Service offering includes:

  • Conferences in Mallorca
  • Congresses in Mallorca
  • Merchandising in Mallorca
  • Evening event in Mallorca

Our hosts and hostesses in Mallorca are versatile, competent and experienced in presenting your company professionally in a number of various scenarios! We not only help you coordinate and organize the right personnel, but also take care of concept creation, planning, implementation and ensuring the right image management. From conception through to successful delivery of event: With FAIREVER you receive a full holistic range of services for your event on the Island of Mallorca!

Corporate fashion from FAIREVER

At FAIREVER, you not only have the option of hiring professional hostesses and hosts – we also offer you the appropriate event outfit, with your individual corporate identity design. Our team of fashion designers create outfits that are perfectly tailored to your company requirements. These outsits are available for direct purchase or can also be hired. Our clothing creates a professional and corporate image at any event. FAIREVER are your experienced, competent contact partner and we are here to support and are available to answer any questions you may have!

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This is what sets the hostesses of the hostess agency Mallorca apart

Our hostesses Mallorca are talented and skilled professionals that provide, demonstrate and deliver competence at all your events. Our hosts and hostesses offering includes:

  • Trade Fair Hostesses in Mallorca
  • Congress Hostesses in Mallorca
  • Models in Mallorca
  • Promoters in Mallorca
  • VIP Hostesses in Mallorca
  • Team Leaders in Mallorca

Our trade fair hosts and hostesses Mallorca are particularly friendly and extensively trained in effective communication and contact with potential customers whilst representing you and your company at your stand. They are friendly, competent and present themselves and your company in the most professional manner! FAIREVER’s congress hostesses take on a range of tasks throughout the durations of your congress: They act as hosts, organizers, they coordinate the event, welcome the participants and customers with a professional friendliness and competence. The Models also have specialist skills in their individual area of responsibility. They are an eye-catcher at your event and not only look good, but also possess proven effective communication skills. With our promoters, you hire professionals who are committed, motivated and dedicated to promoting your product your company and ensure an attractive presentation. The VIP hostesses of FAIREVER GmbH on Mallorca combine professional capability, know-how, with a significant number of years of experience and specialist skills. These hostesses are competent and effectively interact with all event visitors. They too have the necessary expertise to authentically, confidentially and professional represent your company. Your personal hostesses are coordinated by a team leader who is responsible for organizing, coordinating and managing the team throughout your event. The team leader ensures that the hosts and hostesses have all they require to perform and represent you perfectly throughout the event regardless of the situation.With such a team, nothing stands in the way of you delivering perfect performance and a successful event!

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Our standard for event conception, coordination and innovative solutions is that: everything is possible. Always.

FAIREVER curates holistic, tailored events. In addition to FAIRPEOPLE we operate five further areas and can therefore ensure that your visions can be implemented extremely quickly, cost-efficiently and under the best conditions.









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