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Milan is the center of the Italian economy, and as the second-largest city in Italy, the economy is primarily shaped by tourism as well as the automotive and fashion industries. Due to this widely developed industry, numerous trade fairs also take place and are held in the major Italian city. These include well-known trade fairs such as, SMAU for computer technology, EICMA for the motorbike industry and the Milan Furniture Fair. These fairs also have a wide international audience and attract many visitors. These fairs provide the ideal opportunity for companies to present their services and products. With the hostesses Milan and the extensive services of the FAIREVER promotion agency, you can equip your stand with the best personnel, creating a professional presence at these significant events, fairs and promotions!

Events and trade fairs with the hostess agency Milan FAIREVER

Professional hosts and hostesses for your event in Milan

At the hostess agency Milan FAIREVER you will receive professional staff and service for your trade fair in Italy. Our Hosts and Hostesses in Milan provide and fulfil a wide range of requirements and they too have a range of special talents that enable them to be diversly deployed at several events and locations:

  • Trade Fairs
  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Evening Events

Holistic Conception for your fair in Milan by FAIREVER GmbH

In addition to arranging hostesses and hosts for your event in Milan, we can also help you with creating your concept, the implementation and delivery. Such an event starts with an idea, which is gradually developed into a detailed plan and finally implemented – this is where we come in and are your contact of choice! As a team of experts, we help turn your idea into a plan, we develop holistic concepts for you and your company that have a lasting positive impact on your company’s image which will influence and ensure a positive response at events.

Our taylor-made concept, includes our corporate fashion: clothing that is individually designed by our fashion designer for your company and capture your company identity and image. These outfits not only ensure a professional appearance at events but are good quality, also functional and very comfortable to wear. And to make it even more simple you can rent or purchase the clothing directly the clothing from us. Finally, our team and project managers, ensure that the hosts and hostesses are intensively briefed and prepared for the event – so they can represent, optimally identify with the company and are able to present your services, products effectively, with competence and professionally. A perfect combination.

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Hosts and hostesses Milan: the perfect staff for the perfect events

What would an event or a trade fair be without the right agency team and personnel to support? Hosts and hostesses in Milan ensure that your company is both professionally presented and represented ensuring potential customers and participants are well received and competently hosted throughout your event. Our hosts and hostesses are a great support team to have on-board.

We offer:

  • Trade Fair Hostesses
  • Congress Hostesses
  • Model Hostesses
  • Promotion Hostesses
  • VIP Hostesses
  • Team Leaders
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Trained staff for every need

The trade fair hostesses Milan are your personnel for the professional contact with the customer at your trade fair stand: These hostesses demonstrate friendly, professional and competent capability during the trade fair they are at ease with interacting and holding informative conversations with interested participants visiting your stand. The congress hostesses are true organizational talents who take on the role of host at your event. They welcome your participants and customers, making them feel at ease, they both, organize, coordinate and ensure the smooth running of the congress.

Our model hostesses of the hostess agency Milan FAIREVER combine their good looks, with hostess capability, they are open, friendly and professional and provide that extra special visual highlight at your stand.

With our promotional hostesses you can present your product and your company in the best possible light – they gain an understanding of the product to promote, they then do this with motivation, passion and commitment!

Our VIP hostesses possess particularly outstanding talents and are real all-rounders: not only do they appear competent, serious, friendly but they too are extremely professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the event business.

Our VIP hostesses can in various scenarios face customers and participants with skill and communicate in a well-versed, positive and professional manner in order to represent and present your company effectively.

With our experienced team leaders on the ground, our teams are well managed by professionals who ensure that the team of hostesses and the customer have a point of contact throughout the event and ensure that the hostess deliver an effective and successful even!

In addition to Italy, our agency is also represented in major German cities such as Berlin, Cologne or Frankfurt. Whether you are looking for models, personnel for promotion or trade fair hostesses, let us know, we are here to support and provide you with an unforgettable successful event and professional team.


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