One of FAIREVER‘s biggest and recurring projects, the MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS in Barcelona is cancelled at very short notice. After that FAIREVER hails a lot of cancellations of events and fairs. The first CORONA LOCKDOWN hits the event industry first and keeps it firmly in its claws until today. By early April 2020 at the latest, it was clear to us that event and trade show agencies would be the first to go into the lockdown and the last to come out. FIRST IN – LAST OUT! A shock wave went through the industry and we had to create a perspective.

As a creative live agency, we are trained to improvise, we don’t wait for everything to go back to the way it was before and we looked for new fields of activity. Tasks that fit us, are fun for us and work in the pandemic time. So we started as one of the first agencies with VIRTUAL RUN EVENTS like the very successful and still very popular V-RUN CHALLENGE series, the EQUALITY. RUN & BIKE and the SPORT CAMERAD BATTLE.

At the same time, we developed an online platform that allows us to automate participant management. Also the generation of the start number and certificate runs automatically. In addition, we offer the possibility of a LIVE ONLINE RANKING and have developed our own tracking APP for our running and cycling events. Gradually, many CITY runs have been added: V-RUN participants run for a certain period of time, as often as they want, and have the opportunity to improve their result over and over again. At the end, everyone receives a certificate with their personal best time, ranking and a high-quality finisher medal.

Our easy-to-use system has attracted companies looking for solutions to hold their own in-house running competitions. Today, with our white label solution, large and small companies are holding their own virtual employee races, fully compliant with Corona. Our software solution and know-how is also used by run organizers whose runs have been cancelled. No matter if company or organizer, our customers get their own V-RUN Base and tracking app in their own desired look & feel.